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Terms and Conditions

General provisions

Any use of the Website, or any other services of the Company implies that the User has read, understood and agreed to the provided Terms and Conditions, listed in this section. There is no way in which the Customer can alter, modify or amend the Terms and Conditions, and any attempt to do so is of no legitimate power by default.

The Company reserves the right to modify, update or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The latest version of Terms and Conditions is always available in this section of the Website, and that version is considered actual.

Software purchases

Making or attempting to make a purchase on the Website requires the User to read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions. This is also true in regard of any limitations, disclaimers or other terms and conditions additionally provided for the particular software product, which is liable to such purchase.

The User understands and agrees to the limitations implied by purchasing of the OEM software. This means that the technical support and software registration are provided by The Company, not the original software producer. The Company does not provide boxed versions of the software products, nor any paper documentation. Only digital software copies can be purchased for further download as Zip files or ISO images from the Website. This makes online registration or producer's technical support unavailable for the User. Such are replaced by the services offered by the Company.

Before purchasing and downloading the software from the Website, the User has to familiarize with the technical requirements and make sure that they match the ones in his possession. Otherwise, the Company has no responsibility for the inability of the User to extract, install or run the purchased software on his system.

In case the User has got any technical difficulties, not related to misuse of the software or the mismatch in system requirements, the Company obliges to provide timely and complete technical support. If the technical support team is unable to resolve the issue, the User has a right to exchange the purchased software product. The right is limited to two exchanges per one software product.

System Requirements

The Company is responsible for provision of minimum system requirements for every software product that is available for sale on the Website. The User takes responsibility to read, understand and provide the necessary computer system in order to successfully install, run and use the software products he has bought. The Company is not responsible for any problems arising from the mismatch between the minimum system requirements and the actual system characteristics of the User.

Pricing policies

The exact price on the particular software product offered on the Website, as well as its availability and quantity in stock are subjects to change without prior notice. Our pricing is highly dependent of the software producers' pricing policies and may not depend on the Company. The Company is not responsible for inaccurate or outdated information exposed on the Website; the User should check the price with the customer support service before ordering a particular software product.

The Company does not provide bulk sales. In any case, an order with 5 or more identical software products will be reviewed and most likely canceled.

Transaction provider commission may apply to the payments made by the User. It is not included in the price of the software products. The amount of the commission depends on the sum of the purchase and the billing provider.

Payment options

The Company accepts online payments with credit cards: Visa or Master Card. Other payment methods are not implemented. If you have any problems initiating or completing your transactions, please, contact the Support Service immediately.

Data protection

The User may be asked to enter sensitive information via the secure web forms on the Website. It includes personal information, financial information and other User information that is confidential. The Company is responsible for protection of the information that has been provided by the User according to the requirements.

The Company does everything that is needed to keep the User information secure and confidential. The Company has no responsibility for the information leaks happening because of the incorrect User actions or under other circumstances, independent on the Company actions.

Delivery of the software products

Within one hour after the order is placed by the User, the Company provides that User with access to customer zone of the Website. Such information is to be sent to the e-mail address, specified during registration (order placement). After receiving login information via e-mail, the User is able to log in the customer area, where he will be provided download link, and download, installation, activation and any other necessary instructions and manuals. The Company does not sell or ship boxed software or paper documentation.

Refund possibility

The User has a right to receive a refund for the software product that he has bought from the Company, only in case there are unsolvable problems with that software, not caused by incorrect User actions. In most cases, the Company's technical support team can resolve any problems in short time. However, if the User has provided full and detailed information about the problem, and the technical service specialists were able to reproduce it, but were unable to solve it, the User receives a refund. Before asking for a refund, the User has to contact the technical support team to attempt resolving the issue.

A note on chargeback

Because of the serious bureaucratic problems and possible negative legal consequences of a chargeback, it is not the recommended way to request a refund. In case of chargeback, a refund is not guaranteed, yet both the Company and the User undertake unnecessary expenses and problems. In case the User is intended to receive a refund, it's most effective to contact the support service immediately. Note, that only provided a valid e-mail address, the Company is able to resolve any issues between the Company and the User.

In case the chargeback operation is requested, the Company takes all necessary actions eliminate the possibility of a fraud, and then initializes legal proceedings against the User to resolve the issue in court.

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