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Solidworks 2016 Premium is the high-technology software that brings 3D modeling to a completely new level. Specialized on computer-aided engineering and design, Solidworks covers all the possible stages of the product construction, working according to the CALS-technologies. It provides precise and detailed model creating and total control during the whole operating process by means of hybrid parametric built-in simulation and various professional design tools to increase manufacturing effectivity and achieve the best quality product. Solidworks 2016 allows a customer to use motion simulation and helps verify a movement of a mechanical design beforehand in order to avoid all the potential errors that can emerge during its exploitation.

The software runs on Microsoft Windows, and, depending on the manufacturing and engineering purposes and goals, a customer is free to choose among the three basic configurations of the product: SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Professional SolidWorks Premium.

Solidworks 2016 Premium possesses a high level of data processing and exchange and makes possible working with information in a more complex simultaneous way, synchronized with other applications’ data. Proper visualization performed by Solidworks 2016 would provide a flexible modeling, animation and demonstration for the concepts, allowing the user to speed up the process of work on the projects, edit productively and develop with pinpoint accuracy.

Bi-directional sweep commands and new Mate Controller of Solidworks 2016 advance manipulation with moving components of the model, computerizing the procedure of rendering and assembly. Improved mating technology helps assemblies reproduce the actual movement. The customer can also create B-Splines with the help of the brand new Style Spline tool that makes complex sketching easier. Solidworks 2016 Premium also offers customizable templates to optimize the work by supporting the IF/THEN rules, suitable for special cases. Using eDrawings option allows to make notes for further action. The software has minimalistic and clear user interface, intuitive navigation and plain toolbars that simplify and benefit interaction, assisting and speeding up the whole engineering operation.

Providing stable and reliable performance and graphic aspect, Solidworks 2016 Premium substantially enhances the quality of the final product and becomes an irreplaceable tool for modern designers and engineers that can dramatically improve the manufacturing process.

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Troy, CA

Never had better customer experience. I've paid for the Adobe Lightroom and it was set up on my PC within 15 minutes. It took me 2 minutes to get access to my download, 3 more minutes to download the program, 1 minute to activate it, and 10 minutes to install. Voila! Ready for work.

Andrew, GB

These guys are true wizards, where do they buy cheap software? I have never expected to pay just $150 for a copy of Visual Studio 2015 Professional! Nevertheless, here it is, on my PC, and I'm using it for a year, without any problems with updating or anything. Excellent store, excellent service.