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Create and edit accurate 3D models with SketchUp Pro 2016. Simple in use, the program offers vast possibilities to interact with different kinds of drawings apart from three-dimensional objects modeling – from plans and documents to complicated architectural designs. Due to the simplicity of the product and its comprehensible interface SketchUp Pro lets every customer, both a beginner and a professional, create high-quality products.

The new level of 3D modeling is achieved with the help of the improved basic commands, such as pushing and pulling surfaces. To start with, pick up a needful template, choosing from a variety having different units of measurements – either meters or inches, and selecting the view – either from the top or from the side. Use simple shapes, such as rectangle, square, ellipse or circle, and set the precise dimensions of the sketch with dimensioning tools, specifying the length and width values, scale, and format. Draw lines, copy elements and groups of elements, rotate and paint them, using the key bindings to speed up the designing process. A user is able to create own textures and import them right from the JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, and TGA file formats.

SketchUp offers video series and tutorials of various degrees of complexity to help each user get to grips with the product. Introducing the software possibilities and learning the basics with the “Getting started” videos and the “Beyond SketchUp” video playlist that reveals some interesting tips and tricks that drastically enhance the workflow.

If there is a need in complete and ready-to-use models to fit a design, a customer is offered to look for them in 3D Warehouse – a massive library of 3D models, such as vehicles, plants, windows, and people. 3D Warehouse offers free content to download and also includes real life product models of partner companies, for instance, Formica, Herman Miller, and Thermador. Customize the application by adding new extensions and special tools from Extension Warehouse, like Animation, Rendering, 3D Printing, Developer Tools, and more. In addition, models uploaded to 3D Warehouse can be viewed from portable devices, such as phone or tablet, with the SketchUp Mobile Viewer application. Creations can also be exported to Google Earth.

The software gives users a variety of file formats to save files in: 3DS, DWG, DXF, FBX, OBJ, XSI and VRML, while animations can be saved in MOV and AVI extensions.

SketchUp Layout is made to give well-organized high-quality presentations of 3D models. It projects and creates 2D presentation documents out of user’s 3D models. Since the Layout 2D drafts are the projections of real 3D models, all the changes made in SketchUp Pro would be automatically reproduced in Layout.

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Michael, FR

I want to thank Jim from the technical support for quickly resolving my issue with the Microsoft Office. Now it works fine and I am happy I've bought it for such a low price.

Ann, GB

I never wanted a better software store than this website. Fantastic prices, helpful guides and 24/7 customer support to solve any problems. I misread the system requirements, and they've returned my money, so I could by another version of the program that fits my PC. Thank you very much!

Missy, US

I'm not very keen on using complex software, but thanks to the kind and professional customer support on this website I was able to install and set up the operating system. That was a great experience, thank you very much!