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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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Being the most versatile toolkit for videographers, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 gives the opportunity to use its abilities for creating and editing professional video projects. Premiere CS6 is designed both for Windows and MacOS and supports most popular multimedia formats, including HD, RAW and DSLR.

Premiere Pro CS6 is given improved Mercury Playback Engine to provide fast and hassle-free high-resolution editing. Native 64-bit and CPU optimization allow more comfortable and faster workflow, including applying effects in real time mode and faster rendering. Adobe Mercury Transmit enhances working with third-party I/O hardware devices.

Premiere Pro CS6 adapts layers approach to video editing in similar way as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects do it to image editing. By creating masks the user is offered to adjust layers, add effects and select areas where to show applied effects. The software possesses a great variety of creative effects, such as colorizing, lighting, keying, and more that could be applied by a double click action. The Search option enables quick and convenient effect selection.

Premiere Pro easily restores shots with the Rolling Shutter Repair option, while the Warp Stabilizer feature stabilizes unwanted camera moving. Dynamic timeline trimming makes the work process more precise and easier. Audio editing allows combining stereo and mono clips. The application also provides tools for precise color and exposure correction, while Ripple, Roll, Slide, and Slip tools ensure professional clip trimming. Three-Way Color Corrector ensures precise working with color.

Comprehensible and clear user interface ultimately enhances the interaction. The customer can manage the workspace by customizing toolbars and dragging windows. Moreover, the dragging feature makes possible adding clips from a media browser or files straight from the computer OS. As for the media browser, now it has Markers, Effects, and History tabs. With the improved Markers tab the designer is given the opportunity to quickly move to a certain film fragment, as well as add notes or several markers onto the same timeline point. The use of familiar key bindings drastically speeds up the navigation.

Since Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is included in Adobe Creative Suite, the user is allowed to store and share projects using the cloud service. The application takes integration with Adobe Photoshop and has the PSD file support. Complex video animations can be created with the help of Adobe After Effects to proceed with Premiere Pro.

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