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Adobe After Effects CS6 is a professional application for video and motion graphics editing, compositing, and cinematic visual effects creation. The software copes with keying, animation, tracking, and is also used in moviemaking and television production. Due to its 64-bit performance and smart disk caching After Effects is capable of working with large projects up to 2K and 4K resolutions. After Effects CS6 is powered by Global Performance Cache. It significantly reduces waiting time by eliminating the need to wait until the previously created frame renders.

Thanks to the new 3D engine the user can easily add high-quality visual effects, such as ray-traced and extruded shapes and text. It is possible to adjust bevel, hole and extrusion depth, transparency, etc.

With the help of smart 3D tracker the designer can analyze 2D footage and motion in order to create 3D camera with track points to effortlessly attach text or graphics. Analyzing is processing on the background, allowing the user to work simultaneously on different projects.

Restoring shots has become easier with the Rolling Shutter Repair option. Fixing skewing is conducted by a simple drag and drop operation. Warp Stabilizer feature helps remove undesirable movement. The Timewarp option slows down and speeds up the footage.

Adobe After Effects CS6 is given 90 updated and new effects. The software includes complete 16-bit and 32-bit CycoreFX HD suite. Moreover, there is an ability to add extra content from third-party developers: plug-ins, effects, particles, 3D objects, and new tools – a great variety of instruments.

After Effects easily integrates with other Adobe applications. For example, there is a possibility to animate vector art, created with the help of Adobe Illustrator, in 2D or even extruded 3D variant. AI and EPS files can be converted into shape layers. It has become possible to integrate After Effects with such professional software as Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer, and Avid Symphony.

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