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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro has become classical software specialized on the work with PDF files. With the help of Adobe Acrobat the customer can view, create and edit PDF documents for further interaction. Possessing the extended set of tools, the program is able to operate with different kinds of sources, including Microsoft Office Suite and such web browsers as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Adobe Acrobat XI is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro takes integration with MS Office Suite to the brand new level. By now there is an ability to add dedicated new toolbars to any office application after installing the Acrobat to a computer. The software exports and saves PDF files as Microsoft Word and Excel, keeping the original formatting, fonts, links and layouts. This allows the user to create PDF files right from Office applications and even combine multiple documents into a single PDF, maintaining the existing links between the Office documents. Plus, Adobe Acrobat can export a PDF into a fully workable and editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro can easily convert scanned paperwork into high-quality PDF documents. Font matches automatically to fit the whole document. The application gives an opportunity to manage and organize visual projects that include multimedia content. Portable Document Format can be created from photographs, electronic tables, worksheets, video materials, etc. Save articles and webpages to read offline or even store different HTML pages in a single PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro edits text within the PDF document with no lesser control than in an advanced word processor. The customer can add or conceal both textual and graphical information in electronic files, highlight text, leave commentaries and notes right on the document, draw in the PDF using the DirectInk tool, and use stamps, shapes and lines. Text can be edited in line and the changes can be made to blocks of text, resizing, relocating it and altering font properties. Adobe Acrobat maintains the high level of document accessibility for persons with disabilities.

One of the handiest features added to use while working with multiple documents is the Compare Files tool. It allows the user to compare two existing files and automatically marks differences in text as well as providing a brief and informative summary. Filters can be applied to search for specific changes throughout the documents.

In order to avoid copying Adobe Acrobat provides means for adding restrictions. Password control implies safety for the user’s documents, so they cannot be changed or transformed without the creator’s permission. In addition to the security factor, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro introduces the function of electronic signatures and ID certification. Users can sign papers within the application and get notifications when the files have been signed. The function of document review allows leaving comments to documents created by other users and look for the notes.

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Malcolm, FI

What I personally enjoyed about this site, unlike some other OEM software resellers, is its thorough guides and manuals, along with helpful technical support. These boys are real professionals, and they were able to explain everything to me within a minute.

Michael, FR

I want to thank Jim from the technical support for quickly resolving my issue with the Microsoft Office. Now it works fine and I am happy I've bought it for such a low price.

Jordan, US

Windows 10 for $88, seriously? I'm sure that's some kind of stolen software or no software at all. Have anyone really bought anything from this site? I don't believe you can get non-pirated Windows at half the price.