What is the Company?

Please, refer to About Us section for a detailed overview of our company. Briefly, we are the OEM software retailer, successfully cooperating with Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and many other software producers.

Are your customers secure?

The Company uses the most secure, contemporary methods of providing confidentiality of the User information. The checkout pages of our Website are encrypted with 128-bit SSL protocol, as you can see in your browser. You can be sure that the Company does everything necessary to protect your personal and billing information from any threat.

I haven't received any confirmation of my recent order!

After you have submitted your e-mail and placed your order, our automated delivery system sends you a letter with log-in details, so you can get your product download link and installation instructions. If you have not received the letter, try one of the following: look inside your mailbox Spam folder, or BULK folder. If you have lost access to your e-mail box, or provided a wrong e-mail address by mistake, please, contact our support team.

What is OEM software?

OEM software is the full version of the software product, delivered as a digital copy, without any material values. While boxed software contains DVD or usb-flash with software product, user manual, certificates and other printed documents, OEM has nothing like that. Any documents included in the OEM software set are provided as online or downloadable files. OEM software also does not imply free support service from the manufacturer: in this case the retailer provides all technical support and other services. To upgrade OEM software to the next version, you usually have to buy the compatible upgrade product.

How can you offer such low price?

Our company is not subject to MSRP – manufacturer's suggested retail price. We are under no obligations to sell the software we have at any particular price, so we have minimal markup, selling the products almost for the original bulk price that we got it for. We value turnover over margin. Also, the OEM software cannot be overpriced by the manufacturers.

Should I register the software I've bought with the producer?

OEM software doesn't have to be registered at the manufacturer's site. Our company is responsible for the registration and further service, so you don't have to worry about that.

When do I get my purchase?

Immediately after placing your order and making payment, our automated mailing system sends log-in details for the customer zone to the e-mail you have provided. You can use these details to log into the customer zone, where you get your download link and installation guides. You can use it immediately.

Do you have full software product versions?

We have only full versions of every software product that we offer. No trials, evaluations, community editions or anything like that. Only full versions of software are available on our Website.

Can I order a boxed version from you?

Our company only sells digital downloadable products. OEM software that we sell does not come as boxed versions. Therefore, you can burn your digital copy to disk, if you please. We do not have any boxed versions of the software products.

Does using the software imply any extra fees or charges?

No, never.

Can I download the software I've bought more than once? What if I need to re-download it?

Once you have bought a software product from us, you can always download it from our website. You just have to ask the support service team to provide you with a valid link (reactivate it) via the customer service.

Do your products have any hardware requirements?

Every software product that we offer is provided with full system requirements in the description.

What is E-Manual for?

E-Manual is an electronic version of the documentation provided with every software copy. It defines the installation instructions, set up guide and other documents necessary for convenient use of your software program. You can find yours in your customer area.

On how many computers can I install the purchased software?

You're able to install this software only on ONE computer at a time.

How to detect which type of software product will run on my PC (32-bit or 64-bit)?

This depends on the type of your PC's CPU and operating system that you run. You can check your Windows version (64 or 32 bit) by right-click on Computer icon on desktop or Start menu and choosing Properties. There you can find what type of the operating system you have: 64-bit Operating System or 32-bit Operating System. In Linux, you can run the 'uname -a' command from Bash to see whether you have i686 or i386 (32-bit) or x86_64 (64-bit) operating system. There is no reason to download a different version of the product, though 32-bit versions will usually run on 64-bit operating systems. However, a 32-bit processor or operating system do not support 64-bit software.

Do you sell used products?

No. The Company provides only original, unique digital software products that have never been used, activated or registered. When you buy the product version, you become the only owner of that product. Therefore, you can be sure that your activation and use of the software product will be smooth and exciting. OEM software doesn't always look like the original boxed copies of the same programs, but inside it is definitely the same.

Do you make a discount when I buy more than one copy?

OEM software market doesn't make use of discounts. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any discounts, since our prices are already as low as possible.

What kind of technical support do you provide?

Our technical specialists have expertise in downloading, installing, activating and setting up any software product that we offer. However, they are not the users of these programs. Therefore, if you have any kind of technical issues with the program, our tech support team will help. However, if you are just learning to use it, you have to look for advice in user manual or learning websites.

Do you have any additional charges or fees? Maybe, membership fees?

Your membership on our Website is completely free, as well as all other services that we provide. The only thing you pay for is the software you buy.

Do you provide Certificate of Authenticity for your software products?

Software producers never provide any Certificate of Authenticity for the OEM software. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to activate or update your software, though. OEM software updates just like boxed versions — via the manufacturer update services, if any. However, some programs are not meant to update — you can check it with our support team.

The program that I want to buy is not on your list!

You can contact our Support Team anytime you want to request some new software. We will do our best to resolve the ways to get this software cheap and fast. In most cases you can find what you're looking for in our product catalog, but it not, request the product you need from our Support Team.

I can't add a product to my shopping cart. What's wrong?

You have to enable cookies in your browser before you can fully user the services provided on our Website. Please, make sure that you have allowed our Website to set cookies. If that is not the case, contact our Support Team for further instructions.

Who is Software Deal?

We are an online reseller of OEM software products made by manufacturers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and many others. For additional information, see our About Us page.

What customers say

Damien, ES

OEM software was a discovery of a great value to me. Thanks to this website I can afford most of the programs I wanted to install on my laptop. I'm delighted!

Timothy, GB

They have license and access to sell you all the latest software that you could need in the office; whether your employees work in a cubicle or in front of a milling machine they have it.

Jonathan, GB

Enjoyed my experience buying from this website. Best prices, best customer service, everything quick and convenient. Never seen cheaper and better software.