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Looking for original, licensed software, how often have you given up the idea of buying it, when you saw the price? Sometimes it seems that software producers are just too greedy, asking for hundreds of bucks for their products, while such prices are unaffordable for most of us, especially if you need more than one product. One the other hand, stealing and cracking software always causes problems, starting with errors and difficulties updating and ending with trojans, viruses and even legal penalties and charges, or worse. So, what a simple man to do?

Fortunately, buying original boxed software from the manufacturer brand store is not the only way to obtain your own licensed copy of the desired program. You have been looking for free Windows 10, but missed your chance to upgrade? Maybe you need Adobe Photoshop cheap? Perhaps, you'd love to have original Autodesk Building Design Suite 2017? However, prices on such programs on the manufacturer sites are just shocking. Well, you have a good chance to get it for affordable price. Have you ever heard about OEM software? It's just like buying OEM hardware, but better. Any man looking to buy cheap software should look for the OEM version before all.

OEM software is absolutely legal, original and licensed. Buying the OEM program, you obtain the original, unique copy of the product that you should activate, but do not have to register with the manufacturer. Typically, OEM software users have full access to any updates from the producer, however, they cannot use premium services, such as individual technical support and few others. Technical support for OEM software users is provided by the reseller, who can often do it better than a large company. But the main advantage of the OEM package is its price. You can often find the OEM version 50 to 100 percent cheaper than the program you'd buy from the brand store. You won't get the box with DVD or paper manuals, only digital copies. But it's even more convenient these days, isn't it?

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